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        Address:Quanzhou Licheng District Jiangnan High-tech Park, Love Street, Building terracotta clear 2-2

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           Quanzhou Jinyuan special adhesive tape co was established in 2001, is Quanzhou new private enterprises, with a total investment of 2.65 million Yuan, covers an area of 765 square metres; factory is located in the starting point of the Silk Road on the sea--Quanzhou, Fujian, China.   
        We specialize in: hanging tape, floor tape, PET tape, EVA foam tape, PE automotive foam tape, hot-melt Adhesive fiberglass tape, hand (machine) printed packing tape, packing tape, strapping machine, all kinds of glue (foot) pad into it. Product sales network throughout China mainland provinces, autonomous regions and some SSDS manufacturer. The company will be of excellent quality and complete after-sales service system, we warmly welcome people at home and abroad to our company to negotiate business.   
        Company implemented "produced from the" of development mode, oriented beads triangle economic developed area and the city hinterland hi-tech industry Park, is committed to to customer provides reflected era technology progress of latest series, caters to global enterprise cost management of frontier theory, help customer reduced procurement cost, makes customer select a supplier that can obtained by needed of most material, pursuit and customer common development, in increasingly fierce of market competition in the achieved "win-win".   
        The company has advanced production equipment, relying on the strong research and development test capability, with 3 p brand products to the market at the same time, tailor-made for the customer
        Special sizes of products to meet different needs.   
        Company adhere to "to provide customers with more products to choose from," business philosophy, to compensate for the limitations of independent research and development capacity, admits its own inadequate, introducing the world's brand-name products, distribution of United States 3 m company, Germany products such as TESA, "customers want what they want, anxious customers ask for" to provide our customers with a wide range of options.   
        Services reflect the strength and advantage to win customers after years of stormy wind and percussion, and forging a brilliant marketing team, dedication, work ethic, a wealth of market information in a timely manner, integrated its other resources, has always been to provide customers with the best possible price. To complex human relationships, to expand the business favors.    
        In order to meet the development needs of customer development, development of new products, Quanzhou Golden resources company limited commitment to actively respond to market challenges and development of applied materials cutting machining and coating techniques, freewheeling model sizes of materials to provide customers with products, continuously upgrade the level of cooperation with customers.    
          Our philosophy: sense of responsibility, self-motivation, heart
        Our Yong Sheng: the credibility and quality are our greatest savings
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