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          Enterprise purpose: industrial technology, brand quality, integrity management, the pursuit of excellence.   
        Enterprise concept: talent is the Foundation of enterprise, management is the cornerstone of innovation is the soul of the enterprise, integrity is the criterion.   
        Service tenet: dedicated to provide users with quality service and products!   
        Company spirit: solidarity, determined to open up, work hard, advance with the times.   
          Enterprise slogan: beyond
          Quality philosophy: no I have my priorities
          People-oriented: the family-oriented, harmonious
          Marketing idea: cross cut, deep ploughing and rooting
          Business principles: professionalism, focus, concentrate
          Employing the concept: eclectic, meritocracies
        Innovative concept: System innovation, management innovation, technology innovation, marketing innovation.   
        Business philosophy: community satisfaction, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, shareholder satisfaction.   
        Management philosophy: service, cooperation and solidarity.   
        Professional quality: dedication, music industry, sincerity and dedication.   
        Business strategy: stick to science and technology enterprises, specialized stronger, international scale.


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