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        How to buy Quanzhou 3M double sided tape
        Category:Industry news   Publish:2015-02-11 23:52:07   View:1312次 [Back]
          3M double-sided tape is widely used in computers, cell phones, communications, home appliances, audio-video equipment, cars and other products, should be selected according to product and environmental needs, may refer to the following instructions:
        1, non-woven substrate double-sided adhesive and good processability, long-term temperature 70-80 ℃, short-term temperature 100-120 ℃, the thickness is typically 0.08-0.15MM, for Yu Ming plate, plastic laminate, cars, cell phones, electrical appliances, sponge rubber, signage, paper products, sectors such as toys, appliances and electronic equipment parts, LCD lens.   
        2, without substrate double-sided adhesive with excellent adhesion can be shed with excellent waterproof performance, good processability, good temperature resistance, short-term high temperature of 204-230 ° c, average temperature 120-145 ℃, the thickness is typically 0.05-0.13MM, for Yu Ming panels, panels, decorative pieces of adhesive. 3, PET substrate double-sided tape temperature resistance, good, strong cut resistance, General long term temperature of 100-125 ° c, short-term temperature 150-200 ℃, the thickness is typically 0.048-0.2MM, for Yu Ming, LCD, accessories, decoration adhesive.   
        4, a foam substrate double-sided adhesive soft, stick with good clothes, good initial adhesion and cohesion, good solvent resistance and UV resistance, thickness 0.4-1.0MM, short-term high temperature 130-150 ℃, long-term resistance to temperature of 80-93 ° c, used in air conditioners, Office furniture, communications products for bonding can take the place of screws design, make our products more attractive.   
        5, hot melt adhesive film with good consistency and uniform thickness of adhesive, and does not contain solvents, easy processing, good adhesion on many objects, 0.1MM thick, translucent/amber in color, hot melt soften temperature 116-123 degrees centigrade. Applies to the nameplate, plastics, metal bonding on uneven surfaces the adhesive may also get good results, Qi Qi network recommends an initial bonding conditions: temperature 132-138 ℃, the tack time 1-2 seconds, pressure of 10-20 pounds per square inch.   
          Heat-resistant adhesive tape:
        Hot work environments using adhesive tape. Mainly for use in electronics, heat resistance is usually between 120 and 260 degrees, often used in painting, leather processing, coating and paint masking and electronic parts manufacturing process fixed, printed circuit boards and high temperature masking. High temperature adhesive tapes including high temperature KAPTON tape high temperature Teflon tape high temperature masking tape; Green PET high temperature tape high temperature double sided tape, and so on.   
          3M tapes
        3M industrial tape is widely used in China's industrial, transportation, telecommunications, security, commercial, health care, personal care, electronics, electrical, construction, and consumer and other fields of culture and education.   
        3M tapes: there are many kinds of specifications, a variety of models to meet industry's needs.   
        3M industrial adhesive tape: many kinds of performance, process diversity. Market show good.   
          Duct tape
        Features duct tape polyethylene with gauze fiber hot composites for the substrate.  Stronger peeling force, tension resistance, oil resistance, ageing resistance, temperature resistance, waterproof, corrosion resistant, is a kind of insulating high adhesive tape.   
        Uses duct tape is mainly used for carton sealing, stitched spell carpet and heavy strapping, waterproof packaging.   
          Performance parameter sheet for base material thickness (mm) tensile strength (N/CM) elongation (%) 180 Peel strength (N/CM)
          Polyethylene with gauze fiber hot composites 0.18 (Desert Tan) 70 15 3 0.18 (Desert Tan) 70 15 3 0.18 (silver gray) 70 15 3
        Polyethylene terephthalate chemical formula-[OCH2-CH2OCOC6H4CO]-English name: polyethylene terephthalate, PET for short, is a high polymer, comes from terephthalate condensation reaction of dehydration.  Terephthalate is obtained from esterification of Terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol. PET are creamy white or pale yellow, highly crystalline polymers, surface smooth and bright. Over a wide temperature range with excellent physical and mechanical properties, long-term service temperature up to 120 ℃, excellent electrical insulation, even under high temperature and high frequency, its performance is still good, but poor Corona-resistant and creep resistance, fatigue resistance, friction resistance, dimensional stability is good.   
          Advantage PET as a packaging material:
        ① has good mechanical properties, impact strength is 3~5 times the other films, good folding resistance.   
        ② oil and fat resistant, resistant to diluted acids, alkali, resistant to most solvents.   
        ③ has excellent resistance to high and low temperature performance, at 120 ° c temperature range for long-term use, short-term use 150 ℃ high temperature resistance, may be resistant to-70 ℃ at low temperature, and high and low temperature had little effect on the mechanical properties.   
        ④ gases and water vapor permeability is low, both excellent resistance performance of gas, water, oil, and the smell.   
        ⑤ transparent, UV, gloss, good.   
        ⑥ no poison, no smell, health safety, and can be directly applied to food packaging.   
          1.1 history of PET
        In 1941, was the first United Kingdom J. tt. Whinfield and J. T. Dickon developed. PET as fiber raw material has a history of 53 years, United Kingdom Imperial Chemical industries (1. c.  I) in 1946 as a pet (Teleron) fibers go into production, then United States DuPont (Dupent) in 1948 with "Chun-LUN" (Dacron) fiber production. PET classified and non-fiber grade polyester chips fiber grade pet chip. ① fiber grade polyester used in the manufacture of polyester staple fiber and polyester filaments, are supplied polyester fiber processing fibers and related products, raw materials, polyester fiber production the greatest variety. ② non-fiber grade polyester bottles, films and other uses, widely used in packaging, electronics, health care, construction, automobile and other fields, in which packaging is the biggest non-polyester fibre application markets, but also the fastest growing PET segment.   
          1.2 classification and uses
        PET raw material for ethylene glycol (EG) and purified Terephthalic acid (PTA) much used as a fiber can be divided into two major categories of non-engineering plastics-and engineering-level.   
        PET has excellent properties (heat resistance, chemical resistance. Strong toughness, electric insulation, security, etc), the price is cheap, so widely used as fibers, films and plastics, polyester bottle and so on. International polyester thermoplastic industrial products have the following 6 areas (already formed industrial products sold).   
          (2) polyethylene terephthalate glycol (PBT)
          (3) the poly naphthalene dicarboxylic acid glycol ester (PEN)
          (4) polyethylene terephthalate engineering grade PET
          (5) polyethylene terephthalate standard grade PET
          (6) polyethylene terephthalate recycle-grade PET (including blends and 100% recycling)
        Non-plastic one primarily for fibers, beverage bottles, films, sheets, bake food containers.   
        Engineering grade PET organic solvent resistance, good weatherability. Disadvantage is the slow crystallization rate, processing difficulties, high molding temperature, long production period, the impact of poor performance. Generally strengthening, filling, mixing and other methods to improve their processing and properties of glass fiber reinforcing effect and improve rigidity and heat resistance of resin, drug resistance, electrical properties and weatherability. Add a nucleating agent and a crystallization accelerant means improved slow crystallization speed of shortcomings. Can be improved by adding flame retardant and flame drops agent PET flame-retardant and self-extinguishing.   
        In addition, the performance improvement of PET, PET category and elastic body, PBT, PC, PS, ABS, PA to form alloys.   
        PET (enhanced PET) is taken by injection moulding process, other methods include extrusion, blow molding, coating, sealing and welding, machining, vacuum coating and other secondary processing methods. Must be fully dry before. Main application for electronic electrical aspects has: electrical socket, and electronic connection device, and rice cooker put hand, and TV bias yoke, Terminal Taiwan, broken electrical shell, and switch, and motor fan shell, and instrument mechanical parts, and cash registers parts, and irons, and electromagnetic stove oven of accessories; car industrial in the of flow control valve, and carburetor cover, and Windows controller, and pedal transmission, and distribution disc cover; mechanical industrial gear, and leaves, and belt round, and pump parts, and addition also has wheelchair body and the wheels, and Lampshade shell, and lighting device shell, and drain joints, and zipper, and Clock parts, and so on.   
          1.3 performance index
          R~ ITE FR 1530 to Dupont as an example, its performance indicators are as follows
          Tensile strength 152MPa
          Flexural modulus (DAM) 10343MPa
          Cantilever beam impact strength (OD) 85J/m
        Heat distortion temperature (1.   8MPa) 224℃
          Melting point 254 c
          Oxygen index 33%
          UL flame retardancy v zero-grade
          Hotline lit 330 s
          10,r]ohm-cm volume resistivity
        Dielectric strength of 16.   9Kv/mm
        Dielectric constant of 103Hz 3. 8-10 Hz, 3.   7
        When dielectric loss 103Hz 0. 011 10 Hz, 0.   018 1.4
        PET HS codes: 3907609000

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