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        Supermarket plastic tape bundling vegetables People worry about "toxic"
        Category:Industry news   Publish:2015-02-11 23:59:23   View:1269次 [Back]
          Yesterday morning, Ms citizen King reflected, "now a lot of vegetables in the supermarket are tied up with duct tape, duct tape sticky hard cleaning did not say, security did not know are there any questions?   "
        Public: whether difficult to clean toxic residues of tape Wang likes to go to the supermarket to buy fresh vegetables, "are from the supermarket near my house, two supermarket vegetable quality should be assured. "But Wang entanglements is that she bought vegetables are mostly tied with tape," own starts as a bundle of vegetable cleaning up some trouble with tape, sticky gum stuck to the leaves, also easily broken his dishes, but later heard neighbors speak of tape may be poisonous, they no longer dare to buy masking tape bundle of vegetables.   "
        Wang then choose to go farther to the market to buy food, "sometimes do not want to go the long way also in the supermarkets, but going back after I directly part of the tearing or adhesive tape cut away, however, so some waste.   "
        Ms Wong suggested that supermarkets use string bundles of vegetables, "with a cord, then cost is not necessarily higher than tape, but for us consumers, more dependable.   "
        Reporter visits: "tape vegetables" supermarket a lot less market yesterday morning, the reporter visited the downtown a few supermarkets found in vegetable and fruit area counter and taped them into a small bundle of vegetables almost everywhere.   
        In Huaihai Road, a supermarket, the reporter saw, leeks, lettuce, scallions, celery, lettuce, spinach, garlic and other vegetables are one or two pieces of blue tape strapping tape about two centimeters wide, which features traditional "new" words and letters in some letters of the alphabet, as well as Japanese, no other identification manufacturer, phone.   
        Are shopping for vegetables, one woman said, "with adhesive tape strapping vegetables, neat, convenient to carry, although some trouble cleaning. "When a reporter asked whether tape security issues, the woman replied," did not take this issue seriously, there should be no problem, I see many supermarkets are made this way.   "
        Another man said, many supermarkets are using, and how toxic it? Besides not eaten, "worried, to throw away the point of contact with the tape it.   "
        Reporters at some large farms vegetables that is rarely seen tied up with duct tape.   
        Expert analysis: food strapping tape binding vegetable security does not provide ordinary tape might be harmful or not? There is no clearly defined? Reporters consulted the quality monitoring, agriculture and other related sectors. Stakeholders told reporters that in accordance with the relevant provisions of the law on food safety, direct contact with food containers and packaging must be harmless and that the companies must be licensed, and there are no binding provisions on food. Food experts say a College of University City, if the tapes indicate whether it is food-specific tape, there won't be any harm, but if it's tape binding to common vegetables, long-term consumption of potentially harmful to human health.

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