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        Mobile phone assembly also use adhesive tape and glue
        Category:Industry news   Publish:2015-02-12 00:00:40   View:1285次 [Back]
          These days, cell phones have and touches the lives of each of us, inseparable. We use mobile communication with others, send messages, browse information, watch movies, play games ... ... We will give our cell phones easier and faster thanks to the development of electronic and information technology. As everyone knows, in that small cell phone behind and many we don't know about and find that little "secret".   For example, the phone is also used in the Assembly to "tape" and "glue", you know?
        Of course, cell phones used in the "tape" and "glue" using tape, glue and our daily life is distinctly different. Mobile phones used in the "tape" and "glue" bond, fixed in addition to the usual functions, also has electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, shading, and other effects.   
        Many components are plastic parts in their mobile phone, for the Assembly of these components can use plastic bonding glue. This glue from bonding material penetration and curing, has a high adhesive strength and good toughness characteristics.   
        Now does the design trend is the increasing use of mobile phones while ensuring product thinner. But increasing capabilities also complicates circuit design and manufacture, when a cell phone not only has a flexible circuit board, with rigid circuit board, involves a combination of connection problems. At this point, the conductive tape can flourish, conductive tape to connect not only can guarantee the precision and simple operation.   
        When you are at night or low light when using a cell phone, cell phone button LED light source is placed below so that we can see the letters and numbers on the keys. Now, some mobile phones put one layer of flexible keyboard keys between the light source and light guide film, this light guide film can be uniform and low-loss transmission LED light source, which play a role in reducing energy consumption.   
        With respect to mobile phone LCD screen there is a blackout tape. This tape layer and white, use white ones for the backlight, you can let light in internal and ongoing reflection, thus enhancing the brightness black part to prevent light leaks.   
        In fact, is not the only cell phone use "tape" and "glue", tablets, digital cameras and other electronics can also find traces of them. Technicians had to disassemble the Apple iPad 2 found inside a large number of used double-sided tape. For example, the fixed line and the widget when using double sided tape, lithium polymer rechargeable batteries using double-sided adhesive paste directly on the chassis, in addition to fixed Board using screws and double sided tape.   
        Electronic products, including mobile phone upgrade fast rate has far exceeded all our expectations. Meanwhile, including electronic products with tape and glue in the development and production of products follow the terminal's footsteps and continued to emerge. We are fortunate to live in such an era, can continue to experience the novelty of new products, and constantly feel the charm of technological innovations.

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