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        Comprehensive report on the adhesive and sealant markets in the world
        Category:Industry news   Publish:2015-02-12 00:01:28   View:1442次 [Back]
          Former GIA published comprehensive report on the global market for adhesives and sealants. Noted in the report, 2015 the global adhesives market will reach 25.4 billion pounds, and sealant market reached 6.35 billion US dollars.   
        Report shows that adhesive and sealant market with a large number of factors, including economic conditions, the GDO market growth, consumer purchasing power, the Terminal market, and so on.   
        Due to developed countries ' markets has become mature, in order to avoid threats such as sales fell, most businesses begin to provide continuous shift in market demand. According to new market research reports, and sealant market in Asia Pacific is expected to 816.6 million pounds in 2015.   
        In terms of sealant, from 2009 and 2010, and green low VOC adhesives adhesives, sealants have been developed. Silicone and polyurethane products comprise a major part of the sealant in the world market. In 2015, the market will reach $ 1.6 billion global silicone sealant.   
        It is learned that the study of renamed "adhesives and sealants: a global strategic business report". Providing competition, technology market trends, major issues, trends, reviews for product profiles, and so on, and provides market forecasts and research value. In the study of adhesive and sealant market is relying on chemical classification and analysis, classification of the two markets has been covered in polyurethane products, polyurethane adhesives and sealants on the market's valuation has not been found in the reports.   
        At present, the main adhesive suppliers include: 3M, adhesives research company, Ashland company, Akzo Nobel, BASF SE, Dow automotive, Eastman Chemical Company, Henkel, Hexion specialization, Huntsman polyurethanes, ITW performance polymers Consumer Division, PPG, and so on.

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