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        Address:Quanzhou Licheng District Jiangnan High-tech Park, Love Street, Building terracotta clear 2-2

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        Special adhesive series - JD - 301 - a transparent BOPP packing tape 【Back】

        Product use and description:
        Anti-aging products, good weather resistance; strong adhesiveness, resistant to pulling;
        Widely used in packaging and sealing;
        Office and home use
        Printed tape according to customer requirements, providing information on multi-color printing;
        Color tape: colorful, bright, can be used for security, identity and so on!


        Super transparent sealing tape (color/print)  
        Material: special polypropylene film, water based acrylic adhesive characteristics:
        A sense, do not change color, Super transparent, spoiled
        B, post ride easy off, special technology, with transparent, beige and a variety of colors can be printed logo or customer LOGO use: suitable for home standby, supermarket grocery sales, high value package.
        Specifications: length any. width of arbitrary thickness.: 46UM-50UM


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