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        PET tape and high temperature double-sided adhesive - 超透薄帶雙膠面JD-YD624拉丁語 【Back】

        Color: transparent    
        Product use and description:
        Temperature of 130 degrees; also known as the ultra thin double sided tape! Is PET-substrate paint acrylic glue; mass with high viscosity adhesive; base.
        Double-sided tape property inspection report

        Through the computer automatically void coating technology using high quality PET film imported high quality environmentally friendly adhesives, heat resistant substrate. adoption of special process quality is stable with 200 ℃ high temperature characteristics for a variety of metal sprayed protective cover protect parts of gilding or plating process without leaving any residue.
        Basic material thickness: 0.025MM
        Total thickness: 0.085mm
        Adhesion (stainless steel): 3.92N/10MM
        Elongation: 180%
        Initial bonding strength: 10CM
        Tensile strength: 25.09N/10MM
        Storage conditions: sunscreen, waterproof
        Detection: adhesion: according to GB2792-81 testing method; elongation, tensile strength: GB7753-87 testing method; low speed unwinding force: by GB4850-84 pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes at low speed strength testing method of deconvolution. 180 ° peeling intensity: according to GB2729-81 pressure-sensitive adhesive 180 degree peeling strength testing method.

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