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        Address:Quanzhou Licheng District Jiangnan High-tech Park, Love Street, Building terracotta clear 2-2

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        PET tape and high temperature double-sided adhesive - Double-sided adhesive (glue) JD - 246 - c 【Back】

        Color: white, yellow,     
        Product use and description:
        For lamination on both sides of an object. Fix. Product thickness; 80UM-120UM; stamping model and can be used with a variety of uses.

        Technical specifications and use
        Base material: 12 grams of tissue paper (release paper from type)
        Total thickness: 80 ± 5 μ
        Tack (#): ≥ 18
        Viscosity (h): ≥ 14
        180 ° peeling strength (kg/25mm) ≥ 0.55
        Scope of application: oil-pressure-sensitive adhesive, high viscidity, high adhesion, good weather resistance, suitable for leather and thin rigid sheet has not yet fixed and ultra-thin plastic bags or soft wool/rayon.
        Note: test method:
        Initial bonding strength: GB4852-84
        Capacity: GB4851-84
        180 ° Peel strength: GB2792-81
        Rally machines conform to the following: GB/T16491-1996 the standard of electronic universal testing machine
        Provides data for the average values are for reference only. Users must confirm the suitability of the product. Such as customer specific needs, please contact our factory.

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