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        Address:Quanzhou Licheng District Jiangnan High-tech Park, Love Street, Building terracotta clear 2-2

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        Series of packaging materials - LED potting tape 【Back】

        Characteristics: has shallow green fog surface and white fog surface, has high stick focus on, good of posted clothing sex, and resistance high temperature, and acid alkali, and anti-chemical solvent, LED irrigation glue Hou high temperature baking not spill glue, not leakage, end surface flat smooth, does not produced bubble, and in products surface produced special of fog surface effect, again tore away from Hou not left residual glue, not discoloration, no pollution.
        Uses: used in LED dot matrix, digital control, display seal, LED in filling and curing process of epoxy resin, sealing protective effect.

        Customized processing: is the scope: application of LED dot matrix, digital control, display seal, brand: huayuan
        Base material: LED thickness: 0.07/0.08 (mm) width: arbitrary (mm)
        Color: white/transparent long-term temperature resistance: 200 (c) model: HY670

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