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        Other products - Tear film tape 【Back】

        Strong adhesive PET/OPP tape (Peel strength is greater than the 250N/M) No, length per roll of up to 600 meters, width can be cut according to customer requirements. The product quality is stable, there are multiple colors such as yellow, white and transparent options. Cost-effective, fully able to meet the requirement of import automatic SMT machines, is the preferred alternative to similar foreign products such as 3M and NITTO.

        Customized processing: is the model: 376-base material: PET/BOPP
        Thickness: 0.05mm~0.2mm (mm), color: clear/white/yellow (other colours can be customized) long-term temperature resistance: 100 (c)
        Range of application: for LCM and pressing a polarizing film, transferred to the liquid crystal polarizer on the pressure plate, a delivery. and tear sheet polarizer protective film on brand: HUAYUAN tape short-term temperature resistance: 160 (c)
        Adhesive: acrylic/rubber

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