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        How to remove double-sided tape
        Category:Industry news   Publish:2016-02-16 14:46:41   View:1077次 [Back]
            get ready
            1, a blade. The knife can be ordinary, not a note. A razor blade may also be used on special occasions.
            2, a careful. Doing this is actually very simple, but the most important is that we must be careful, you can succeed.
            3, a hair dryer. This is the most important tool, is also a set of method, the core of the tool, but it should be noted that, we use the hair dryer is used in heating, so be sure to blow hot wind, ordinary hair dryer may not, the better the more old-fashioned.
            Method for removing different materials
            1, smooth paper packing box on the pressure sensitive adhesive tape.
            Use a blade to scratch the beginning, slowly tear off the hand. If the speed is too slow, you can use the hair dryer slightly heated.
            2, color pulp paper packing box on the self adhesive tape.
            With a computer hair heating, can be opened to the weak wind file, with a blade scraping the beginning, focusing on the back of the heating tape, pay attention to not over heating, it will bring the tape to the deformation of the. Hand slowly tear, the whole process must be careful. That printed with the pattern of tape, more or less will remain a trace of traces, pay attention to not over heating, otherwise, will remain more. A little secret: exposing the faster, less residue, but also more easily torn carton. Specific effects, may be related to many aspects, but as long as skilled, most of the cases, or can make people satisfied, and so on again, not carefully view, it is not easy to find.
            3, computer accessories or mobile phones and other common vulnerability labels.
            Can be directly used to slowly scrape the blade, in some cases may require a thinner blade, then, can be used razor blade. Such as large tags, can be used for auxiliary heating hair dryer.
            4, will be opened after a part of the character of the composition of the various anti fake labels.
            Can use the blade gently pick edge angle, with hair dryer heating, slowly put the whole label to start. When dealing with this label, be sure to be careful and careful, a careless, it will leave traces of residual, it is not successful.
            5, stick on a thin plastic film on the adhesive tape or paste.
            General heating is certainly not good, because it will also give the plastic film blowing deformation. The method is very simple: hand directly tear, do not slow, must be fast, such as the label is larger, can be divided into several times, suddenly, quickly hand tear off. To deal with this situation, the lower the ambient temperature, the better.

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